AIvoke was started in 2012 by Ruslan Habalov.

About Me

I am currently doing my Masters degree in Computer Science at RWTH-Aachen University in Germany. Technology, psychology, music, challenges and the phenomenon intelligence in general are very fascinating things to me. I share the view that the next decades will provide very exciting opportunities for Artificial Intelligence, because of reasons mentioned on “Artificial Intelligence“.


Since 2014 I am the holder of the “Deutschland­sti­pen­dium” National Scholarship. This scholarship is financed fifty percent by private sponsors (in my case IBM Germany). The other half comes from a federal grant.


Some of my paragons are :

Albert Einstein because he showed what creative thinking really means and represented what human beings are capable of.

Raymond Kurzweil because he is a person who shares his ideas and extrapolations for our future in a reasonable way.


In addition I am very interested in Information Security. Please also visit my other blog Evonide to see posts about topics in this field.