AIvoke consists of the two parts “Evoke” and “Artificial Intelligence”.

It is meant as a source for information about the topic “Artificial Intelligence”.


AIvoke pursues the following goals:
1. Introduce people into this topic and highlight the powerful opportunities arising through AI.
2. Inform the AI community about important news / interesting ideas or projects.
3. Connect and enable exchange of ideas between people interested in AI.



The strength of a chain is its weakest link. Consequently a system is defined by its weakest part. That is why AIvoke is an interactive place. The article quality is therefore not only dependent on the author, but also on you as a reader. On you as a part of the big AI community. On you as a part of AIvoke.

After this metaphorical description be encouraged to post your own ideas and knowledge in the comment sections. The articles will be extended and other readers will have the possibility to start a discussion with you.